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The best moment from the Hawks 08-09 season

Actually quite a few moment to pick from, you could go specific on one Josh Smith dunk (I am partial to this one on Kendrick Perkins), you could focus large on the two long win streaks or the December home stand to remember, you could even look at an individual game. That very first contest with a road win against Orlando minus Marvin. Any of the streak buster games. Maybe game seven against Miami where Joe was hitting half court shots.

You can accuse me of moving away from the hardcore fan line of "anything but a championship is a failure" but I am going to live in reality for a bit. And the reality is the Hawks had some great moments last year. More than us fans have had in a long time. Might as well relive them.

So my top moment is game one of 2009 playoffs. That wonderful 90-64 butt whooping.  A destruction so complete I was able to ignore the injuries and the brilliance of LeBron and dream about how the second round was going to be a show down. So it did not work quite as planned. Who cares? The season is over and for 24 hours I was gloating to the national media that do not know I exist. I was naming Josh Smith dunks. Shoot I was ready to get all Chris Bosh's girlfriend on LBJ. The Hawks were for real and health was not an issue. At least for one game.

The NBA playoffs are a freak of nature. They gave birth to a Phillips Arena few thought could exist. The crowd for that game one blowout was not as packed as the season before, but they came irrationally loud. And the Hawks responded with a performance that allowed fans to live in more than the shocked excitement of the Celtic series but real honest to goodness hope and belief.

As a Hawks fan, it is tough to not put a moment like that at the top of the list no matter how the season ended.

What is your best moment? Finest recount will win a fine glass of Cabernet drunk by me in your honor.