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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #62 Spin it to win it.


You soooo stupid....if you don't like "spin it to win it."

A lot of people ask me how I own 22 cheaply made Hawks shot glasses or 17 plastic Hawks key chains. And I tell them with great joy that they all come from probably the greatest game ever placed on the level between the upper bowl and lower bowl of Phillips Arena. Ok, actually everyone asks me why I have them and don't really care how I got them, but no matter the actual question, I still manage to find away to gush over "Spin it to win it."

Spin it to win it involves a wheel, a hand which can spin said wheel, and cheap Hawks paraphernalia you don't need. Needless to say it is incredible. The ol wheel (or more actuarely the Atlanta Spirit) fell on hard times last season and some cuts were made to my dear game. Smaller wheel, less cool prizes, not set up as often, but I was still never afraid to miss Solo practicing his three pointer in warmups for a shot at another shot glass or two.

My best spin? Two tickets to a future Hawks game which I turned in to go see Bron Bron. Booyah.