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Worst Hawks moment of the 08-09 season

It is summer. The days are long. It's hot. When I type posts with my computer on my lap, I sweat through my clothes. And the NBA is not playing nor have they played in a long time. It is the dog days of blogging. I could break Josh Smith's game down in some new way, but it might start to grow a little tired. Ok it would be a bit tired.

So when you are having trouble looking forward, you might as well look back. This week we will have a few interactive posts in review. If you actually like them, we can go straight historian on this bad boy. Most shocking moment, funniest moment, etc. But at the very least, we will have worst moment and best moment.  I will share mine and you can hit up the comments and give yours. Then we can yell and scream in the comments as to why I am right and you are wrong. Warnings will be issued. Bans will go down. It will be a jolly good time.

Worst moment

It was January 2nd. The Hawks had a 20 point halftime lead. Mario West hit a half court shot to end the second quarter. I was relaxed, mocking Laurence Franks' ejection, sipping beer I could not afford, humiliating the Nets fans that sat around me in the Taco Mac.

Then the third quarter started, and in retrospect, I should have just started crying then. The Hawks scored 26 points in the second half. I chugged beer I could not afford, avoided Nets fans, and attempted and failed to apologize to Franks' spirit for insulting him. I should have tried harder.

In overtime, with the Hawks about to seal a victory in a game they desperately tried to lose. Vince Carter took a broken final play and drained a near half court shot for the win. The refreshed "new year" outlook ended after one game. The good vibes the Hawks had built up over a great start and long December home stand vanished. The Hawks clearly were going to spend most of 2009 destroying any semblance of hope I had mustered up.

I wanted the national televised Cavs game more where Joe missed the game winner, but something in the combination of the crapstorm of a second half, my disdain for Vince Carter, and how Devin Harris actually makes Mike Bibby look worse on defense than I already think he is just made this game a depressing mess. It started a bad January for the team.  It destroyed all new year optimism. It was just horrible. I think I forgot to pay my taco mac bill. I certainly cried. It was my worst Hawks moment.

Runner up

Traveling to Charlotte on March 6th and for a second year in a row and watching the Bobcats destroy the Hawks. I thought that was the end of homecourt in the first round right there. Luckily, Josh Smith and Mike Woodson had a little tiff and the Hawks won their next seven games, saving the season and keeping this game out of the worst moment.

What is your worst of 08-09? Best worst moment will have the first sip of my next PBR poured out in honor of them.