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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #64 Joe Johnson dunking


Throw it down big man!


Does it happen that often? No. Is it an exciting dunk on its own? Not really. Was the last time he dunked in moderate traffic that time he broke his face? Probably.

No matter. A Joe Johnson dunk means the Hawks are either winning  a meaningful game or punctuating a big offensive run. Down big or up big, Joe casually lays it in. Mocking all who know that he has the capability to slam it home with his 10'4'' vert.

So Joe Johnson dunking is like the back up right fielder getting his first hit in little league and all the parents go crazy with legit excitement even though it is not that exciting. Except oddly our back up right fielder is our best player.

And seriously I cannot find a youtube clip of Joe dunking. It is my white whale.