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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #65 Getting to know your A-town dancer


I believe you learn this move in the age four dance class.

If my wife was making this list, it takes the number one spot and the rest of the list is just fluff. But for actual fans of basketball, the video segment "Getting to Know your A-town Dancer" just represents far above average entertainment in between timeouts. If you have never seen the clips, let me paint a brief picture. Every A-town dancer comes on the jumbo tron in a bikini at some beach. Then clips of them being photographed are interspersed in between an interview where we learn at least one of these these things.

  1. She has been dancing since she was three or younger.
  2. She is training to be a nurse.
  3. She tells you about the books she likes to read even if the question is about fishing.

Like any good segment, the highlight comes at the end where a live shot of the A-town dancer you now know is waving in the tunnel. Never, ever is there any applause. Shot is held for a minimum of 20 seconds.

And there you go. My wife usually gives it a standing ovation then asks rhetorical questions about the woman for the next quarter. Do you think they get parking passes? Do they keep their outfits? Was she lying about reading that book?

I pretend like it is the worst thing I have ever seen, but I would never run to the bathroom if I knew it was coming up next.