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And now I give you the Jamal Crawford half-week



Did you know the Hawks traded for Jamal Crawford? With the draft and the other free agent signings, Jamal has just kind of gone to the wayside. Apparently, 19 points a game can easily be dismissed if you don't play defense and have never made the playoffs.

As a Hawks fan, I want to say most people like dealing with the Crawford of punchlines than the actual Crawford of reality, but I have to admit I have seen very little of his game. You know outside the every so often 50 point berage.

So I have reached out to the experts (Bulls, Knicks, and Golden State bloggers) to see where the real Jamal Crawford lies. As of now I only know it is somewhere between 50 point scorer and worst player in the league.

Starting with the most recent and moving backwards, we have Golden State of Mind. They have a great community over there, and so GSM had the good idea to open it up not just to the writers but the all the fans.

Head over there, check out the responses, and join the conversation. Ask questions, take notes, talk up Acie and Speedy, and of course show that southern charm.

Here are the questions I posed.

1. How does Crawford help a team win?

2. How does he help a team lose?

3. What do you miss most about Jamal Crawford?

4. Was his defense really that bad?

5. Why did your team get rid of him?

6. Was Jamal Crawford a main reason your team did not make the playoffs?

7. Every Warriors fan that comes onto Peachtree Hoops has made it clear that we should not be too excited about Jamal Crawford. Why is that? Are y'all just into hurting feelings?

8. What grade do you give the Warriors for this trade?

9. Any other thoughts?

Let the Jamal Crawford learning begin!