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Using the TNT studio show to dream about the Hawks future

What kind of team would I like the Hawks to be? I get asked this question  once a week month year. I never get asked this question, but if I was, I would probably describe an uptempo, above the rim team that used athleticism to play good defense and attacked the glass with unheard of passion. Well, funny thing is I stumbled on this video from TNT,

And lo and behold, Mike Fratello starts describing that very team....from 23 years ago.

I wonder what the Hawks would look like with 1987 Mike Fratello coaching them. And if it is possible to compare Josh Smith to Dominique Wilkins without people freaking out that Josh Smith is not Nique and will never be Nique, then this video offers a pretty eerie comparison.

Any particular style that you are dying to see the Hawks play? What would happen if Josh Smith became a better dribbler, attacked the basket at both ends of floor, and hit his free throws? Has any NBA coach physically worked harder on the sideline than Fratello?