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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #66 The Mario

As Bret over a Hoopinion pointed out, the signing of Joe Smith and the lack of any news about any other player firms up the debt chart in a way that almost makes certain Mario West and Othello Hunter will fill two of the final three remaining roster spots. The blind, loyal, optimistic, idiosyncratic, homer in me rejoices at this news.

But if you do not possess said qualities, fear not. You too can be overjoyed. Because once again "the Mario" will keep its home in the Atl.

The Mario "Denotes those occasions in which a player logs less than one minute of playing time and therefore fails to compile any meaningful statistics."

Basketbawful is one of the best NBA blogs around and I hope they know I am being 100 percent serious and complimentary when I say this might be the very best thing they have ever done.

So here is to many more Mario's in 09-10.