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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #69 Heat checks

Fact: if you make two or more shots, you are entitled to a "heat check."

Fact: If you are Flip Murray and make one shot you are entitled to a "heat check"

Fact: If you are Joe Johnson, you are entitled to a "heat check" at any time

These are the facts of the Dominique Wilkins "heat check." Either team can have one. And you only know if one has happened if the player misses the shot.

The "heat check" is a pardon. It is a joke. It is the truth. It never gets old. And it can only be given by Dominique Wilkins. If Bob Rathbun excused a contested fade away three pointer by Josh Smith with the fabled words, I truly believe the tv commentary would stop for 20 seconds as the Human Highlight stared him down.

Even with the most detrimental of bad shots, the "heat check" some how made me feel comforted and amused by the most selfish of shots. And it almost goes without saying, in this area, Flip Murray, the crown prince of the "heat check," will be sorely missed.