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Hawks links, loose ends, and internet leisure

Hooray more thoughts on free agency

Hoops World has some interesting information and pleasantly surprising props for Rick Sund's work this summer.

But, it's not just that Sund was able to get all three of them for less than $80 million; he also got them to agree to sign contracts that DECREASE in value in 2010-11. All three of these players will make the same amount in years one and three of their deals, but in year two is scales downward. For Williams and Pachulia, it scales upward again in year four.

You can check out what that looks like in chart form here. I have not seen or heard this information anywhere else, but if it is true, good work by Sund. I am finding it harder and harder to dislike our GM.

And to further that point, I actually think I can make the shocking statement (as it both goes against the national norm and reveals how big a homer I am) and say I would take the Hawks summer over the summers of any of the other three teams that finished above Atlanta in the standings.

Of course, this is as close to apples and oranges as one can get. Cleveland, Orlando, and Boston made moves not wanting to get to the finals but expecting to. And if that were the case for the Hawks, if Rasheed Wallace, Shaquille O'Neal, or Vince Carter could make a finals appearance an expectation and not a hope, I would be bummed with the summer, but that probably just is not the case.

And just because the world wants to live in an instant gratification world, we do not always get to, and in the long run, for the two of those three teams that do not make the finals, I think the Hawks will end up with the better summer.

Jeff Teague measurements

I stumbled upon a post over at HawkSquawk about the similarity between Jeff Teague and Devin Harris have strikingly similar measurements. That is good enough. I am sure 100 people in Atlanta have strikingly similar measurements to Chris Paul. But what did jump out at me is that Teague has a reach of 6'7.5'' and put up the bench press 13 times (exactly one more time than Josh or Marvin did). His measurements even resemble Russel Westbrook who everyone has determined is a total freak. I am not trying to use any of these measurements and stats to predict any kind of performance. Who knows what kind of player Jeff Teague will turn out to be. But on those cold, dark nights when you wake up wondering how anyone could call Teague a combo guard when he is barely over six feet take comfort in knowing the dude is strong, has a long reach, and can jump out of the gym.


As I became slightly obsessed looking at these measurements, did you know Speedy Claxton has the best vertical leap of any point/combo guard recorded besides Nate Robinson? I certainly did not. I honestly didn't think he could touch the rim. I blame the  lack of any small sample size


Allen Iverson is apparently going to sign with Charlotte. In no way does this make me worry any more about them. The Bobcats will probably still crush my soul on my annual road trip to watch the Hawks, but AI is not going to lead them to a better record in the east.

Anything else that you have found of Hawks interest, like the status of Marvin's mohawk, drop it in the comments.