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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #72 Terrell Owens


My Zaza one does not have the cheta print but is equally as cool. via


It is time to get serious. We only have around 72 days left before the Hawks open the season against the Pacers on October 28th. We need a count down. Actually I already have a countdown. Every day I take a piece off of a Zaza Pachulia cut out. But we need a communal count down. Last year I did the top 25. This year...well this year there are just too many damn reason. I will need your help, not because I can't think of 72 (of course not....) but more because I don't want to get the best 72. So email me at ptreehoops(at)

and now #72....Terrell Owens


I promise, normally, he is wearing sunglasses. via

Maybe it is the fact that Micah Hart mysteriously knows he will be at the game five hours before tip off or that he is neither cheered nor booed when he comes on the jumbotron but just sort of acknowledged like he is a backup defense men from the Thrashers, or it could just be the fact that he always wears sun glasses. I don't know, but TO comes to at least ten games a year. And those are ten games involving excruciating attempts to look and act as cool as possible. And I am looking forward to every second of it.


See I told you so...sunglasses. via