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Judge rules on Atlanta Spirit case, quotes Talking Heads

Same as it ever was.

The case that between Steve Belkin and the rest of the Atlanta Spirit that has gone on longer than most people have been watching the NBA has simply been thrown out. Effectively, the owners are back to where they were before Joe Johnson ever was a Hawk. Who is ready to get in the time machine and go back to the 13 win season?!?

A judicial link dump for you:

Sekou Smith on why we are back where we started.

Michael Gearon on how no one winning is a huge win.

Mark Bradley on why this really could be a good thing (where he substantiates my unsubstantiated rumors that the Spirit are looking to sell the Thrashers).

Tom Ziller reminding us why this started in the first place.

Actual, original thoughts coming tomorrow AM. Until celebrate the fact that we are fans of the best team in the NBA that has owners who hate each other. Drinks all around!