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The Marvin Williams twitter interview

So these answers are only coming via Twitter and not actually in print or on audio (yet) but Hawks twitter and the Hawks PR man were relaying answers from a conference call with Marvin Williams.

Here are some quotes. Leading off with my twitted question that Micah Hart relayed about what he has been working on this summer.

"I try to perfect a part of my game each summer...I've been working on my ballhandling."

"I truly feel 100%"

"Coming out of Seattle, Jamal Crawford was the man. He's a good professional, he can really score and will provide a spark."

"I feel Atlanta management is making commitment to keep core group together..."

Not exactly hard hitting stuff, but come on, it's August. Still, I will admit it if I could choose one thing for Marvin to work on this summer I would flip a coin between post moves and ball handling. If Marvin can really improve in that and Woodson gives him the opportunity, the Mustache is going to live at the free throw line next year.

Oh and one final bit of news, Sekou says he is great shape and has a mohawk. I am equally excited about both revelations.

Ok fine it's the mohawk.