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Marvin Williams staying in Atlanta

Eat your heart out Chris Paul, the Mustache is back!

Marc Spears is reporting a deal of five years worth 40 million dollars for Marvin Williams. Just for reference, it is 18 million less than Josh Smith's deal last year and 7 million more than (the older, less accomplished) Trevor Ariza just signed.

Any time you spend 40 million dollars on anything, certain people are not going to be happy. Throw in the fact that Marvin has underachieved compared to his draft position and others drafted behind him have succeeded greatly (not sure if you have heard) and it is not the easiest sell.

But the fact remains, your second contract has nothing to do with where you were drafted. And while the Hawks may have been bidding against themselves this year, they would have been bidding against 20 teams next summer if they let him become unrestricted.

So what did we get? A 23 year old, model citizen who has improved every year he has been in the league. Did the Hawks get a bargain? No. Did they get taken to the cleaners? No.

While I am not willing to call this the greatest summer in Hawks history, fans will now see the best of Marvin Williams the basketball player, and that could turn out alright.