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Josh Childress visiting the Bucks today

As Hawks-Semi fan found in a fan post, Josh Childress is visiting Milwaukee today. Can you say sign and trade for Ramon Sessions? .....Probably not.

But what it does mean, or at least probably means, is Childress is looking to return to the NBA. The Bucks seem like a good spot with Richard Jefferson gone, a starting position may be available.

Not sure if the Hawks can convince anyone that they may actually match an offer to Josh after all the hurt feelings and bad blood that boiled into a nice little stew over the last year, but at the very least, Childress' cap hold will no longer be held against the Hawks' cap.

Tough to say what to expect here, but even a second round pick would be nice for the Hawks sixth pick overall.

Just for the record, I would still take DeJuan Blair for him too....

Update...Brew Hoops thoughts:

One intriguing possibility is former Hawks' swingman Josh Childress, whom Woelfel reports was in town today. It seems like ages ago that I harbored vague and in retrospect comical dreams of using Jamaal Magloire as bait to pry Childress from the big man-starved Hawks, but in reality that was just three years ago. Hey, Magloire wasn't that bad at the time. Combining efficient scoring with the length to be a disruptive defender, Childress could either start at small forward or be a killer sixth man at both the big guard and three. He's still technically the Hawks' RFA, but with Bibby and Marvin Williams also in free agency it's possible the Hawks could let him walk for a full MLE deal (the most the Bucks could offer) or more. Or he can play another year in Greece.

Update #2...Sekou Smith weighs in:

And two of my spies have made it clear that were Childress to receive any sort of “reasonable” NBA offer (the $5.6 million mid-level exception or below), the Hawks would match it before Childress finished signing his name on the offer sheet (the aim, however, is to work out a sign-and-trade deal to appease both sides since Childress has made clear his desire to play elsewhere, per a source).

It seems like a reasonable thing to say. The Hawks are not going to come out and announce they would match a mid level offer for Mario West before they would think of bringing Josh Childress back. But it also seems reasonable that Sekou's spies are two guys that Rick Sund told to call the paper and announce they would match.

I am all for a sign and trade and respect the organization for putting their best poker face on despite what seems to be a forgone conclusion that Josh Childress will not play here.

But if Childress signs a 5 year deal worth 25 million, I think the Hawks are going to have to tip their hat and say you called my bluff. Tough to spend that kind of money on a guy you don't want there and does not want to be there.

That being said, I reserve the right to rant and rave if Sund does not get something for Childress. So have fun with that one big guy...