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Hawks Press Conference Bullets

In case you missed it, no one pulled a Carlos Boozer today. Zaza Pachulia and Mike Bibby resigned with the Atlanta Hawks. Micah Hart and crew at the official Hawks website have lots of great videos documenting the press conference. If you don't have time to watch or wonder what I think about when I watch Hawks videos online. Here are a few press conference bullets. 

  • Mike Woodson's opening thoughts are how impressed he is with the media turnout. This marks the humor highlight of the videos. Coach hits on irony from any number of fronts with this bad boy. One, if a strong media presence existed, he probably would not have a job now. Two, for all Woodson's faults, it is beyond clear at this point that he is not thinking about bloggers when he gives sound bytes. Three, who says this when introducing two free agent signing? 
  • Mike Bibby is very easily distracted. He looked like a fifth grade version of me when I knew I was on camera and just looked for things to laugh about so I looked cool. (Yes, I really did that.) 
  • The Hawks don't haze rookies? I find this to be a severe inditement on the team. Some of these guys need to start feeling like veterans or they are not going to ever play like them. I want Jeff Teague picking up laundry four days a week. UNTIL MY FINGERS GOES DOWN!
  • How telling is Woodson's hair? The man had a full head of hair. Made a promise to shave his head if the Hawks made the playoffs. Then he never let it grow again. If he makes most decisions in this format, I would not be shocked. 
  • Mike Bibby never had a veteran point guard to learn from. Even though it makes sense coming into the league with Vancouver, still kind of shocking and explains a few of his deficiencies. 
  • Rick Sund made a point to mention that both these guys were unrestricted free agents. It is a point with some weight. Are these two marque starters? No. But both could have easily gone elsewhere. I am not saying LeBron is coming to Atlanta, but if the team puts a winner on the court and will spend some money, I think players are going to want to come here. That is saying a lot since Dikembe Mutombo might be the last unrestricted free agent of any mustard to sign with the Hawks....and that was in 1996. 
  • "Basically, I became a pro here." Great line from Zaza. 
  • Zaza may have been lying, but I don't care. He convinced me that a legitimate factor for returning was the fans. You didn't come close to having me at hello Mr. Pachulia. But you have me now. My Al Horford jersey is officially on a game day rotation. 
  • Zaza also mentioned the Hawks going to the maybe he was joking about the fans.