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Is Marvin Williams close to signing a long term deal with the Hawks?

Hoopsworld thinks so.

As soon as Mike Bibby was inked the Atlanta Hawks turned to free agent priority number two, small forward Marvin Williams. Sources close to the situation have told HOOPSWORLD that Williams is close to multi-year deal with the club that drafted him second overall.
Williams' camp would like to see something in the $40 million range, and the Hawks' initial offer was reportedly around $37.5, meaning the two sides were never really all that far off and something should be done soon.

Kind of wish I knew how many years Marvin wanted 40 million, but I guess we find out in due time. I would think it is at least for five years. Not surprisingly, the article also says Flip Murray will not return.

If true, I am very impressed with the Atlanta Spirits speed, effectiveness, and willingness to spend money. One more quality big man and I might just start a little Rick Sund fan club on this site.

If you find more confirmation of a Marvin, drop them in the comments.

Sekou Smith's twitter says deal not done yet. Side still apart.

**********Update number 2*******
Sekou makes it official with a blog post. A deal is being worked on, but it is far from done.