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A fan reaction to the other guy we drafted.

The hate is strong with this one. The "F" are coming out so fast I feel like I am back in college Spanish class.

I understand it only in regards to the other second round talent that appeared to be available to the Hawks. Mostly the two Pitt stars that went back to back at picks 36 and 37.

However, in a vacuum, this pick sits pretty well with me. His name is Sergiy Gladyr which alone is probably worth a second rounder. The reviews on him are good. He can shoot, has above average athleticism, will have the poise from playing pro basketball for 15 years by the time he comes State side. I would have been willing to wait for Rudy Fernandez for a few years, and best case scenario, we just got ourselves a poor man's Rudy.

I mean it was the 49th overall. Salim Stoudamire was long gone at this point in his draft. Certain frustrations will always exists when Thomas Gardner has a roster spot and the Hawks draft someone who may never suit up for the Hawks. But the guy seems to have skills and maybe Rick Sund will be more excited about bringing him over since he actually drafted him than he is about David Anderson.

A trade up would have been nice. I would have been on ebay right now waiting to buy the first Blair jersey that came up for auction. But right now, the free agent market with Zaza, Flip, Bibby, and Marvin is much more important to the Hawks immediate success than any pick the Hawks made here.

If the Hawks mess up these next two free agent summers, it won't matter when Sergiy comes to America or how good he is.