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Crawford coming to Hawks

ESPN's reporting Speedy Claxton and Acie Law IV are on their way out of Atlanta, for Golden State's Jamal Crawford.

Full story here.

Crawford, as the story notes, has been in Don Nelson's arbitrary dog house for some time. He would appear to fit the mold Woodson likes, a high-volume shooter who never met a shot he didn't like. But he may not stretch defenses the way Mike Bibby did for the last two years, as he's only a 34 percent career shooter from behind the arc, not exactly the eagle eye sharpshooter you might want at that position.

His lack of defensive commitment during his career is also puzzling when his new head coach is one committed to defense-first. It would seem unlikely, as well, that they'd play Crawford as a back-up at the #2 guard behind Joe Johnson.

Of course, some of that may be exacerbated by the fact he had to play for Isiah Thomas and Don Nelson the last few years.

But in the big picture, does this mean the Hawks won't be bringing back Bibby and we've found our point guard of the future (for now)? Is this a signal we might be looking for a big at #19 tomorrow night?

Finally, it may not have been possible, but Acie and Speedy appear to be headed into a team who might be more dysfunctional than their previous one.