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If the Hawks do not draft at 19....

As the NBA draft approaches, it is not all mock drafts and fine wine. The Hawks have options. Roughly two and half years after his career expired, Speedy Claxton's deal is finally following suit. With a point guard heavy draft, Acie Law is a possible moveable piece. Mo Evans is expiring as well. And the rights to Josh Childress hang in what is as close to NBA purgatory as one can get. The Hawks have needs and they have assets. The 19th pick is not a for gone conclusion. So if we are going to look up our 13th mock draft on our fourth different website, we can examine a few options of what the Hawks can do.

Trade up

The most likely scenario here is to trade Acie Law and/or the right to Josh Childress and the 19th pick to move into the lottery.

  • Positives
  1. If the Hawks are trying to get a point guard in the draft, they have a great opportunity to get the guy they want and not the guy that falls to them.
  2. The Hawks get something in return for Childress.
  3. The Hawks make a clean break from Acie Law and create a new line of succession at the point guard position.
  • Negatives
  1. When so many holes exist, the move demands the Hawks draft a point guard.
  2. The Hawks trade a previous 12th and 19th for what is probably no higher than 8th. Fuzzy math at best. Bad math at worst.
  3. A bust with this pick is much worst than a bust back in 2007.

Trade down

The most likely scenario here is if the point guard the Hawks target is not likely to be take in the next few picks or they target a player like Wayne Ellington and think they can get him later.

  • Positives
  1. Through free agency or the draft the Hawks need a back up center, back up two guard, starting point guard, and depth in the 3 / 4 area. What I am saying is the Hawks need a lot. If Rick Sund is not impressed with anyone at 19, they could move down and acquire more picks or a veteran contributor.
  • Negatives
  1. The Hawks need contributors now, the further down they trade, the less likely they are to find a player who will immediately see the floor.
  2. Fan do not like trading down to the 26th pick in the draft.

Package the pick for a proven player

Package the pick with one or more of the assets mentioned to acquire a proven point guard that has finished at the rim in a real, live game before.

  • Positives
  1. The Hawks know what they are getting.
  2. A need will be filled.
  • Negatives
  1. You do not get a player far and away better than another team thinks they can draft with your pick. Unless that player is really expensive, and the Hawks are not going to trade for someone really expensive.
  2. If drafts were to be redrafted, many a 19th pick and above would go in the lottery.

Sell the pick

  • I will cry. Period.

If the Hawks do not draft at 19, what do you want them to do?