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Exciting times at Peachtree Hoops

I am very excited to announce that Peachtree Hoops has added two authors Jrauch and Bronn to the front page contributers of this site. If you have read their comments and fan posts on this and other Hawks blogs, you know they are some of the most thoughtful, reasoned posters in the Hawks blogosphere.

For the most part, they will look at the Hawks draft, free agency, and season through statistical analysis, but they may also offer occasional reflections and ramblings on the state of the team.

I believe this will make Peachtree Hoops a more complete Hawks blog, and I hope you enjoy the addition of these two great writers and the contributions they will provide.

Peachtree Hoops is only as good as the people who visit, read, and comment. SBNation provides an excellent format for interacting with a community, and I cannot thank you enough for the comments and fan posts/shots you provide. I hope Jrauch and Bronn give more opportunity for such interaction between us Hawks faithful. But please know, this was not a one person site, and it will not be a three person site. This is a close to 400 person site (around how many active members we have now). I hope you continue to feel welcome to comment, agree, disagree, and state your opinion in the many formats SBNation allows.

Thanks again for being a part of this community. Go Hawks!