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Josh Smith trade rumor analyzed through the power of infomercials

By now you have probably heard the rumors about Josh Smith, I am not even sure this is worth a post. It seems many writers, both local and national, are just naming random scenarios they like more than they are exploring possibilities they have heard rumors about. Which may actually be lower than a rumor. Not quite baseless, but more like random speculation. Wait random speculation? That is my wheel house.

So without further ado, an analysis of why people support or dislike the baseless speculation surrounding a Josh Smith trade using different TV infomercials.

The Snuggie Rational

Is it the same as a blanket? Yea it is. But for some reason it just feels like a better fit. If the Hawks can get a similar talent and/or production, pull the trigger. It is clear that Josh Smith's immaturity and personality clash with Mike Woodson just does not work here. Let's trade blanket for blanket and maybe the fit will be a little better. And hey, if Josh Smith's "upside" can get another team to throw in two reading lamps for free, even better.

The Comfort Wipe Rational

So cleaning up after a double dog dougen is a little annoying huh? Want to take a universal task and pretend to make it easier I see. Oh and you over Josh Smith shooting jumpers, taking plays off, and pouting. Will you listen to the fact that almost every NBA team has a player like this? Will you admit to the fact that most teams have more than one player like this? Oh wait you don't touch your toilet paper? Ok, trade time.

The Hawaii Chair

I am an NBA fan. It is early mid June. I would take baseless speculation right now if it means I can forget I am sitting in a cubical for a couple of minutes.

Sham Wow

Maybe it is the hands free mike. Maybe it is the back-story of how this guy was bit by a lady of the night. Maybe I really do need to soak things up thru the carpet. Have I ever thought I need a sham wow before I saw the sham wow before? Nope, paper towels don't even have a budget line, but now that you mention it, a Hawks team without Josh Smith might be the best bet. Hey, the team will make the national news and won't even involve a prostitute.


Enough of trying to grow this team naturally and slowly through the draft. It is time to make a big trade and expand the potential of this team. Josh Smith will probably give the best return.

The Tiddy Bear

Ummm, I am not comfortable with Josh Smith on the team? Oh who are we kidding I just wanted to post this one.


Which infomercial are you? What baseless speculation do you want to throw out? Do the Hawks need to trade a starter? Tiddy Bear?

Go Hawks.