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Loser Dots

  • LeBron is really good.
  • The Hawks and our fans are going to complain about their the refs, and sometimes that is justified. And when  you lose by more than ten, it simply is not. You just look like you lost your composure in a game you were going to lose anyway. What I am saying is lose by two so I can feel justified in my anger toward the refs.
  • Zaza unless you are getting techincals standing up to fake bullies like Kevin Garnett, please do not get techincals.
  • Superstars get calls but is there a better reverse of the superstar call than in Zaza's double technical. One was deserved for sure, but two? I would love to see LeBron get double techincals for that. I am not saying it wouldn't happen, it is just he would have to kill someone in the process.
  • In the fourth quarter, Josh Smith went to trap LeBron James. A novel idea except that Lebron was 40 feet from the basket and Josh ran at him from 20 feet away. Don't worry Mo Williams hit a three soon after.
  • At least I feel good about my keys to the game, when the Hawks had hot Flip and a fast pace they were at their best. But who isn't really? 
  • Seriously Zaza?
  • Think of a pet peeve  you have about the Hawks or an individual happened tonight didn't it? 
  • Marvin and Al are shells of their normal selves. In a series full of sadness, that might be the saddest of all. Years from now if I need a good cry, I may have something to rival Mr. Holand's Opus in these three games.
  • For a two minute period in the fourth quarter, Joe Johnson was fighting mad. Joe Johnson fighting mad owns. I hope Delonte West gets Joe mad earlier and for longer periods of time on Monday.
  • Maybe I should start heckling Joe.
  • Some court side fans were heckling LeBron the whole second half. James responded with some words of descent. And since he was actually playing in the game, LeBron also used some pretty impressive non verbal communication. 
  • How bad did the Hawks fall apart/give up/have poor coaching/ get out played, they were up one in the third quarter and mid way through the fourth I still had found time to look up in great detail the rules regarding the restricted area, whether Delonte West has herpes, and why I should dislike Mo Williams based on his college career. (ed. note: that is a birth mark on Delonte's mouth.)
  • The Hawks do not even know how to tip the ball correctly during rebounds.
  • Mike are not invited to my next birthday party. And I will have reasons why in the recap, and you will not like them.
  • Ok fine Woodson, here is a preview: "you suck."

Go Hawks.