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Loser Dots

  • LeBron is good.
  • The Cavs play horribly good defense. They play defense 40 feet from the basket without giving up any advantage. If Bibby guards someone 40 feet from the basket, help defense has to happen starting 32 feet from the basket.
  • The Hawks rebound like they have lobster claws.
  • Mo Evans is good at defense unless the offensive player drives the ball. 
  • Joe, I will defend your deep, irrational three most times in the playoffs, but not a second time when you missed the first and we are down 20.
  • The Cavs overplay the pass so much you would think the Hawks could try a back least once.
  • Hey Hubie, the Hawks do not run. Thanks for rubbing it in with your ignorant analysis. Hawksdawgs.
  • It does not matter how many injuries a team has. A game like this embarrassing. And even though I think the Hawks are playing so bad because of injuries, their response to that adversary is horrible. I feel like the Hawks are taking 6 steps back this postseason after taking 4 hard fought steps forward over the last 4 years.
  • I almost just threw up.
  • Back in the the first half when the game still felt like it mattered, Mo Evans shot a three and the long rebound that fell right where he would be if he followed his shot was rebounded by the Cavs and the guy Mo went to guard instead of rebounding still got a wide open, fast break shot. Yea that is a nice microcosim of the game.
  • Joe is doubtful for Saturday. Ok I legit just threw up. 
  • I have yet to see why Othello Hunter is behind Solomon Jones.
  • If I ever see Hawks centers not named Al Horford, guard LeBron James I am going to see if it what is and is not legal in regards to Mike Woodson (ed. note: Al Horford should not guard LeBron).
  • Prove a starter showed up and I will find the cheapest Hawks jersey on ebay and give it to you.
  • Two days ago, if you told me Othello Hunter would guard LeBron James in the playoffs, I would have mocked you so badly you would have cried.

Go Hawks?