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Playoff Preview and Game Thread #2.2: Atlanta Hawks @ Cleveland Cavaliers

Atlanta Hawks 2nd round playoffs Game #2



Quicken Loans Arena
May, 6th 2009, 8:05 PM
ESPN, Hawks Radio NetworkNBA Audio League Pass
Probable starters:
Mike Bibby PG Mo Williams
Joe Johnson SG Delonte West
Marvin Williams?
SF LeBron James
Josh Smith PF Anderson Varejao
Al Horford? C Zydrunas Ilgauskas



Hawks Injury Report: Al Horford and Marvin Williams are game time decisions. I put them in the starting lineup more to hold out hope than to hold up reality.

Cavs Injury Report: JJ Hickson and Lorenzen Wright are out. 

Blogging With the Enemy: Fear the Sword

Predicted bane of the Hawks existence: LBJ

Game Preview:

You always want to feel like your team has a chance. Even if it is just based out of the "nothing to lose" mantra. But Cleveland being Cleveland and Atlanta being injured, I am feeling pretty low. Struggling for the positives. Not feeling the kool aid. I am probably most upset that the Hawks may not be able to show what they are capable of on the national stage. Last year's great show lasting three games only got the Hawks two nationally televised games. This year has been worse. Due to immaturity, bad coaching, and injuries, the Hawks have not really endeared themselves to anyone. And that is a shame. So if we are taking baby steps toward hope, I will simply ask the team to come out playing with the passion, excitement, and athleticism, I have seen them possess, that they play with a "nothing to lose" attitude. And if we want to take big steps of hope, a win tonight by the Hawks and Atlanta has home court advantage.

Keys to the game:

  1. Play your freaking guts out.

I do not really care if the Hawks lose by 20. I just want them to go bananas in the process. I want fire. I want over the backs and hard screens. I want "don't try that again" fouls and run down blocks. I want it to be 48 minutes of pure passion. The Cavs are better. I don't care. Go win.

Lets go Hawks!