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Loser Dots

  • Well, for one quarter, the national media looked like total idiots. Take that Jon Barry! Ok fine we were still down four.
  • I did not care who won the MVP. I had no horse in the race. And so I say, only slightly bias, that LeBron is in a different league than Dwyane Wade. 
  • Oh and LeBron really does guard the other teams best player.
  • Against a good defense, Mike Woodson's offense just looks dumb.
  • The Hawks cannot stop LeBron. They cannot even contain him with a hurt Marvin Williams. To Jame's credit, he knows he weighs 280 lbs and can move like he weighs 180 so he initiates contact to get separation. The Hawks may have to start flopping on that. It will not be called if you fall back 6 inches, and LeBron only needs 6 inches. 
  • Somewhere, somehow Flip Murray is still shooting.
  • The Hawks need a healthy Marvin Williams and it is just not going to happen.
  • You would think Acie Law would somehow be useful in a series like this. Alas, we will never know.
  • That was no where near a dirty foul on Marvin Williams by Ben Wallace, but it was probably the worst possible foul. A hard pull down on his right wrist.
  • The Hawks played well enough in the first half to lead. The turnovers just killed them. It was like Brad Miller infected the whole team.
  • I guess Cleveland's front court does not have to score to blowout the Hawks. That is a little depressing. 
  • The much better team grabbed 9 more offensive rebounds and won the turnover battle. So you have to give it the Hawks if they get blown out, they are going to not do the little or big things. 
  • During the "Inside Trax" was Mike Woodson's offensive game plan to "shoot free throws"?
  • Mike Bibby drilling shots, under control Josh Smith and the Hawks lose by 27? Ok now I am sad.
  • One blowout in and I have no problem with LeBron James. Man, you really do suck Dwyane Wade. 
  • The Hawks feel great if they can win one in Cleveland. They were never going to win two. I don't care how bad the first loss was. The Hawks can play a lot better. See look at all that hope we have.

Go Hawks!