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My Hawks/Cavs preview is up on Ball Don't Lie

The opening:

The good news if you are a Hawks fan is, sooner or later, you are going to be given no shot of winning a series. And if Boston last year is any indication, that is a pretty fun place to be.

Most Hawks devotees are really excited just to make it to the second round. Understandable really. Three years ago the t-shirt cannons just shot one prize to each person in the stands of Phillips Arena. The team, the city, the franchise have come a long way. Like multiple marathons. Still, most of us expect the Hawks to lose, and yet, a lot of us expect the series to be a fight. That may seem incongruent and crazy, but incongruent and crazy is the wheelhouse for a man like Josh Smith.

Check out the rest of my rambling thoughts and a series prediction here.

Go Hawks!