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Victory Bullets

  • If your team is going to be part of the worst seven game series in basketball, they might as well win it. It makes you feel bad for America but not really care what America thinks.
  • If Flip and Bibby are playing for one more nice pay day, Zaza is playing like a revolutionary. There may be riots if another team signs him.
  • Joe Johnson made a minimum of four piano music commercials this afternoon.
  • Speaking of which, did Joe have some kind of transplant in the middle of this game? He had just air balled a three pointer and then starts drilling thirty five foot shots. How can your next shot after an air ball be from the mid court logo? What kind of confidence do you have to have? How good do you have to be? How do you do it two more times? I don't know the answers to any of these questions, and I don't care. 
  • Nothing brought me more joy than a Dwyane Wade drive being contested by Josh Smith without fouling, and Wade staying back to complain leaving Joe Johnson wide open for three. And then the announcers actually talked about it not being a foul and how Wade needs to get back. I felt like I was in the twilight zone of awesomeness.
  • Speaking of twilight zone, go watch the offensive foul call on Dwyane Wade. I have no words for why/how that was called. You would think he was Mario West.
  • Mo Evans started and was -13...get well soon Marvin.
  • Mike Bibby: worst finishing point guard in the NBA? Chris Quinn does not count.
  • However, Bibby shot over 50 percent from behind the arc for the series. I will take that.
  • Another good game of using timeouts by Mike Woodson. Don't say I refuse to compliment Woodson.
  • Horford is no where close to 100 percent. He had no lift. He was limping toward the end of the game. And he played 32 minutes. Have I ever said I love Al on this blog?
  • How about that Haslem tattoo? 9 out of 10 from me.
  • When Josh Smith stays focused, avoids excessive complaining, and stops pouting, he is a joy to watch. Even with the long jumpers.
  • Take note Hawks, you move the ball, you are a better team. Moral of the story, move the ball.
  • Must win, great win. Go Hawks.