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Loser Dots

In reverse order this morning, we are beginning with loser dots.

Loser Dots

  • Anyone who wants to complain about the refs (which of course I do) need only look at the FT shooting. Miami hit 87% to the Hawks 61%. You got to hit the free throws you are given before you complain about the ones you were not allowed to take.
  • A descent Solo start, a late arriving crowd, some Bibby threes, and two (legit) Joe fouls, turnovers, and the Heat hitting there shots, and it was all for not.
  • Dwyane Wade is incredible. Not because he is healthy or injured. He is just incredible.
  • The second quarter sound bite of Mike Woodson was total coach speak and totally correct. No defensive feistiness at all. It was as if getting in the Heat's head scared the team out of being mean.
  • Miami fans if you would like a thirty second capsule of why I don't like Dwyane Wade go to the fourth quarter. Wade makes a great block on Flip Murray, gets the ball, gets guarded, and literally sprawls/flops out to get a foul 80 feet from the basket up 18 or so. Just make the great play Wade. Just make the great play. 
  • Zaza and Flip Murray or lack there of might have been the difference between this game and last game.
  • Hats off to the Heat. They played better defense, had more energy, out rebounded, and hit their free throws. Outside of maybe game one, this was the best definition of butt whooping you can find.
  • Got to respect Marvin Williams.
  • Down 39-22, Josh Smith took a 22 foot jump shot. That is playing for game seven. 
  • Pretty surprised no one attempted to punch anyone in the face. Ahhh, the hype of words.
  • The Hawks have done a good job not turning the ball over all season. In the first half, they decided to test out a different approach.
  • The difference between home and away. In the second quarter, down big, Josh Smith blocked a shot and Joe behind the back passed to Mike Bibby for a lay up. That is a game changer in Atlanta. Tonight, just a little run. 
  • Mo Evans refuses to pass to Josh Smith when he is jump shot position.
  • Thanks for keeping it respectable for a while Mike Bibby.
  • Sorry America for giving you the worst seven game series in the history of the world.
  • Game 7 the defense needs to show up.

Game recap later today.