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Peachtree Hoops back on the horse and looking for writers

First up sorry for lapse in posting, coming soon is a state of Hawks team position by position, then a look at draft needs, followed, no doubt seamlessly, by looking at specific players in the draft. Other posts, thoughts, links will certainly float to the surface and be posted accordingly.

Thanks for a great season this year. Brett started this site and formed a great following by having perfect writing and on point analysis. For those, who choose to start checking two Hawks blogs when he headed over to Hoopinion and I humbly took the reigns, I thank you. For those that have come a long somewhere in between. Your contributions have been great.

This community has continued to grown. Most fanposts drive better conversation than mine. And I love it.

But it has led me to consider adding a new main writer to Peachtree Hoops. Preferably, one with a little different style writing than my own, and hopefully, one that can deal with stats and numbers and all those fancy things that make my head hurt. It could be as little one post every two weeks to something much more. Basically, I want as complete a Hawks blog as possible, and I do not pretend to ignore my limitations as a writer and could use your help.

Any interest, questions, concerns. Hit me up at

If you do not have a blog somewhere else and/or do not post here regularly, some sample of your writing may be needed. We can only have one grammar challenged writer on this site, and I am firmly entrenched.