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Hawks Injury Update: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Marv and his mustache were back at practice in limited work. No word yet on what "limited" means, but it makes me believe that, if his back responds well, he will be back for the playoffs.

Like most bits of Hawks news, it comes with some hope, some fear, and some bafflement. All you have to do is over analyze the crap out of some quotes.

“Our training staff isn’t going to allow me to do anything I shouldn’t be doing,” Williams said. “They know what’s best.”

Any time a back injury stays as mysterious as this one has with words like "out indefinitely" being the only thing that breaks the silence. You start to think bad thoughts. But I get a little hope knowing whatever the injury is the deciding factor is back with the training staff and not "specialist" in Durham or agents in New York. Makes me think it is an injury and not a chronic injury.

"Obviously, I want to get back out there as soon as I can to help my team. And my back feels well."

Obviously his back does not feel well yet then. Still, there is time to work toward the playoffs or time for setbacks depending on how you see the glass.

“My back’s still sore, but I feel like can play through it and tolerate the pain,” Law said. “So I’m trying to get back out there and play. I’ve missed so much time already. I just want to get back as soon as I can without risking anything and hurting my back even more."

Ugh I guess that sounds like good news.

Back to Marvin being at practice, Woodson cuts through any positives to scare me at my core.

“I don’t know when he’s coming back but it was nice to see him back out there,” Woodson said. “I didn’t realize he was going to go through the shell part of practice. I was trying to get him off the floor but he said he needed to test it after doing all this rehab work on his own.”

I don't pretend to follow other NBA teams with any kind of regularity. So maybe this is normal coach knowledge. If so, please let me know and prepare for a quick apology from me.

But how can your head coach not know when a player is going to be at practice? Is communication that bad in the organization? Is Mike Woodson that busy not changing anything about his defense or offense at all? Are assistants not at least checking in with Marvin every day? He is a multi-million dollar investment right?

I think I just broke my "m" key I typed that out of such strong frustration.

Get well soon arvin.