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Loser dots

  • I can remember maybe two other times Joe Johnson has had a stretch like this. I actually feel bad for the guy.
  • This series has been so spread out I honestly think a lot of people, including myself, are putting the cart way before the horse. The series is still 2-1. A win tomorrow and the Hawks have home court.
  • I have really enjoyed having Heat fans in the comments. They bring a solid perspective, but why do they start or end every comment with "lol"?
  • Othello Hunter continues his quest for the perfect season (at least in my eyes).
  • If you are not a fan of either of these teams, there have been exactly zero good games in this series. You could have, in good conscious, turned each game off at the start of the fourth quarter. Kind of surprising.
  • Remember that whole post about enjoying another team's superstar? Well, you can tip your cap to Wade last night. No flopping. No crying. Just butt kicking.
  • The Hawks were out rebounded by 13 last night. That was suppose/was an advantage for the Hawks going in. You could probably brake the film down and find box out technique and match up problem, but in the end, I am going to stick with poor effort.
  • At least Chalmers first good game came when the Heat didn't even need it.
  • Impressive/idiotic that in a 29 point loss, Joe and Al can play 38 minutes. Even more impressive/idiotic, Wade played 41.  Although I guess it is hard to call something idiotic when your team wins by more than the Hawks scored in three of four quarters. 
  • From Hoopinion, "I will never understand why the perceived solution for this group of players struggling in the halfcourt offense is to rely even more on Joe Johnson. Were my game notes better collated (or just better taken) I'd make an effort to quantify how many more wing isolations have begun below the free throw line for Joe Johnson in the last two games compared to Game 1 where he almost always attacked off the dribble from the top of the key...Johnson has drawn more attention in the last two games, limiting his scoring chances but more damagingly, Johnson has abjectly failed to use the defensive attention to create shots for his teammates. He's been credited with just three assists in 73:40 while turning the ball over nine times while missing 20 of 30 field goal attempts."    I concur.
  • I don't want to heap these last two loses solely at the feet of Mike Woodson and yell, "What have you done?" That would be unfair in the face of multiple under performing Hawk players and unworldly great, mostly contested shooting by the Heat. But coaches with this kind of talent should be held accountable when you struggle to name one thing Woodson has done to help the Hawks this series. Game 1 was a showcase of energy, athleticism, and missed shots by Heat role players.
  • These loser dots are getting longer as I go on.
  • Last Mike Woodson gripe, does it not seem he takes his timeout exactly two possessions too late. I feel like I am in Vegas with this guy. Just one more role....and I have no money left.
  • I want Marvin Williams back.
  • An excellent recap by the Human Highlight Blog.
  • Dear Hawks, If you play any more one on one basketball, I am going to break my television. All the best, Hawksdawgs. PS Don't tell me Dwyane Wade does it.
  • How the Hawks come out for the start of game four will say a lot about what kind of team they think they are and want to be. They also may or may not be playing for their coach's job.
  • Just one game Hawks fans. That is all they need.

Go Hawks.