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Miami Heat 108, Atlanta Hawks 93 or where the reverse happens

Box Score


Did anyone expect Miami to not hit shots the whole series? And one follow up question. Can you lose every quarter and still win? I think I actually know the answer to both of those.

But at least for one night, the Heat did, and you can't. And the Hawks had nothing but an out of touch three here and there to respond.

If you gave me four guesses and four options as to what the offensive game plan was tonight, I would have a 25% chance of getting it right.

In the end, the Heat played the way we did Sunday with two exceptions, they hit three pointers instead of dunks and did it on the road. Hats off to them.

....they also had Dwyane Wade, which was nice.

This is an actual series

If the Hawks had actually won, you can't imagine the fun I would have had with the fact that an actual Hawk roamed the building for the first few minutes of the game. The whole bit would have killed. Instead, we lost and I watched Al Horford and Joe Johnson laugh and take serious interest in both the bird's abnormal presence and safety. They might as well have taken shots of jager right before tip off. 

This is the playoffs people. You do not see Kobe laughing about kiss cam. This is kill or be killed. And I mean that literally if you are Mike Woodson.

Speaking of whom

You were horrible good sir. Being right on a coaching move is pretty easy as a fan. You can call out something drunk, indifferent, or facetious and if it comes true you look like genius. Never have I been so sober, truthful, passionate, and correct in my whole life.

Putting Mario West in on an offensive possession to end the third quarter was basically like putting my Patrick in (ed. note Patrick does not know how to play basketball). It was four on five basketball, and the end result was that I punched things.

In the second quarter, I rather loudly mentioned to anyone that could hear, "Flip Murray can not guard Dwyane Wade." Considering I really only focus on Wade, I gave Woodson the benefit of the doubt. That is until Wade called off a potential screen  with anger, insulted that he would need a pick to score again Murray.


He scored two more straight baskets before Woodson made a change.

The Crowd

It was late arriving and quiet. We got rowdy with five minutes to go, but at that point, we working on a monumental comeback, without a monumental effort from anyone.

It was disappointing, and anyone that wants to blame the refs should blame the fans first (and then maybe the refs). We did not show up.

Flip Murray

Imagine someone is peer pressured into being horrible on a night that they are already horrible. Now imagine one great three pointer....and that is Flip Murray.

Lots more later but first tears now.

Go Hawks!