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Victory Bullets

Had to keep it emotional last night since no rational thought was possible, but some thoughts on last night.

  • Defense was incredible. Just awesome. Even Bibby was good (and by good I mean serviceable which for him is good). Kelly Dwyer calls the Hawks defense the most underachieving unit in the league. Considering that means we can call last night's game a realizing of potential and not a random, wonderful aberration, I am perfectly fine with the label.
  • I don't know how to say this....but.....Mike Woodson uhmmm...good job. It really was. You managed the roster well. I loved the full court pressure. You allowed the team to run. You took advantage of Michael Beasley during his brief stint on Al Horford. It was good. It was so good I feel like I should apologize. But instead, I will just give you a virtual "good game" on your bottom.
  • At the very least, Zaza's double double should be in the top ten for trashiest double doubles ever. And i loved every part of it.
  • I assume there is a good reason Marvin played so little, but he started out with a quick five points and then sat down.
  • Al Horford could not contain himself in the second half. He was going crazy. I mean at one point he stole the ball from the out of bounds guy. He was like Mario West out there.
  • Dwayne Wade flops a lot. Sure, he will get some calls he shouldn't but the times he doesn't, Josh Smith is going to take advantage by tearing the rim apart. 
  • Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers did not play horribly, but they played like rookies. They took questionable shots, they pressed, they had defensive breakdowns. Good thing the Hawks traded away all their draft picks so we don't have that problem.
  • 21 total point fourth quarter...totally fine with ugly basketball. You know, considering the first three quarters almost caused me a heart attack.
  • Great crowd. It is nice when high expectations are met. It really is. It makes you think all is right with the world. This team is so fun, the playoffs are so glorious, us Hawk fans are not even upset about bandwagon jumpers. We want you to experience this. Welcome The more merrier. 
  • Now team, go win three more games.

Go Hawks!