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Atlanta Hawks 90, Miami Heat 64 or where Josh Smith has no regard for human life.

Box Score


"Josh Smith is a problem, man." - Marvin Williams

I watch a lot of sports. I love a lot of sports. And as a spectator, I am struggling to find a correlation for those back to back dunks by Josh Smith.

People simply jumped and screamed. Not that cool in sync jumping that happens at a bad rap concert. It was spastic, fist pumping, gyrations of joy. You just cannot ask for better sport. Thousands of people are leaving with bruises on their bicep because their buddy punched them in excitement.

It was as close to perfect as you can get. Of course perfect is irrelevant in playoff basketball. Next game is as much a must win as tonight, but until lets say late Monday, lets just say it was perfect. Because it was.

Every possession the Hawks had a match up advantage and they exploited. They did that or Josh Smith dunked it.

On the defensive side, outside of a few D-Wade dunks, the Hawks forced jumpers, rushed shots, and bad three pointers. It was great and it was awesome and my bicep is sore from being punched.

Let's take 12 hours of enjoyment, and then the Hawks need to realize they don't get to combine all seven game's scores. They need to know Boston won big at home last year too. Awesome win. Terrific crowd. Great win. Three pm tomorrow lets focus on win number two. Until then, I need some herbal tea. My voice is shot.

Comment of the game thread, after a Josh dunk Garrison Hayes wrote, "Two things the Highlight factory needs, more lights and a new roof."

Lets go Hawks!