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Memphis Grizzlies 98 Atlanta Hawks 90 or pushing and pulling to the end

Box Score


Watching this meaningless games is much more painful on tv than in person. But they are over, no injuries reported, starters got some rest, reserves got some PT, you get short recaps. So all is good in the world.

I watched almost the entire game and little is worthy of a recap. But to amuse maybe just me, here are a few victory bullets.

  • Mike Conley may turn out to be a great point guard, but if the Hawks had drafted him over Al Horford, the name Billy Knight would be a cuss word in my household.
  • Remember when the Hawks had pieces that seemed to make sense until you saw those pieces actually play basketball. That is the vibe I get with the Grizzlies.
  • Zaza missed a game and half, came back, played pretty poorly, and then blamed his bad performance on "timing." Can you lose your timing that quickly? How often does Zaza practice?
  • For no good reason at all, I have decided to become a huge Othello Hunter fan. I think I need a jersey.
  • Flip Murray and Mo Evans took exactly half of the Hawks shots.

Just because I respect someone who can still get fired up over the refs in a game like this the game thread comment of the game goes to Buzzsaw with "Garbage call.

The regular season is done. The Hawks performed well, maybe even over achieved a bit. And now none of it matters. A new season starts this weekend, and I, for one, am very excited.

Lets Go Hawks!