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Preview and Game Thread #82: Atlanta Hawks @ Memphis Grizzlies

Atlanta Hawks 08-09 Playoff game #82




FedEx Forum
April 15th, 2009, 8:00 PM
FS South, Hawks Radio NetworkNBA Audio League Pass
Probable starters:
Some Dude Named Craig
PG Mike Conley
This other guy
SG OJ Mayo
Rando McRandomson
SF Rudy Gay
Joe Shmoe
PF Darrell Arthur
cSmiles Morris
C Marc Gasol


Hawks Injury Report: Everyone has a back problem. Only the really healthy will play. And the good ones that are healthy will play very little.

Griz Injury Report: Could not quite muster the energy to look it up. I am going to guess very few.

Blogging With the Enemy: 3 Shades of Blue

Predicted bane of the Hawks existence: I think OJ Mayo and Rudy Gay are going to go for a combined 100 points.

Game Preview:

The line for this game was Atlanta +7.5. Considering the Hawks are playing their 12th through 8th men for most of the game and those said men played more than they ever have last game and that last game was  yesterday, I think Memphis might take this one in a walk.Unfortunately, I don't gamble on April....on Wednesdays....that are sunny....and its tax day.

It would still irk me a bit to see the Hawks lose by 20+ the game game before the playoffs, but not enough to play the starters for anything more than a courtesy showing.

Regardless, the shine has not worn off on these bench players. I am still excited to watch this game. I hope Woodson puts Mario West on Mayo and when Mario comes out of the game, someone tells him multiply that by ten and you have Dwayne Wade...on an average night. I will be in the comments with fury...until maybe Lost comes on.

Go Hawks!