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Atlanta Hawks 81, Miami Heat 79 or where church league basketball happens

Box Score


I do not even think Sekou Smith bothered to recap this game over at the AJC. And I don't blame him. Even the post game quotes were probably mailed in. Woodson actually coached a very nice game though. No starter played more than 18 minutes, Marvin got some more work in to shake off the rust, and Flip wasted one of his 5 for 1,00,000 nights on a meaningless game. Plus, the Hawks won.

Victory Bullets Points

  1. While meaningless, I am not going to pretend that Michael Beasly's play did not get my attention. I learned two things. Josh is going to have to respect that guys jump shot, and Josh should not respect him at all when he is on offense.
  2. Let's pretend this was a real game. Ready start now. Othello Hunter was impressive. I wish he had at least some development this year. Ok and end. Back to the fake game.
  3. Speedy Claxton air balled his first free throw. I have seen contestants on Home Depot price check get booed with better shots than that.
  4. No joke. Christ Quinn might be the worst NBA player I have ever seen. And yes, I am including Solomon Jones when I say that. 
  5. If getting paid millions of dollars can't create team unity, it is good to know three dollar head bands can.
  6. If you are going to play a fake game, you might as well be efficient about it (unless your Flip of course). Marvin Williams' 13 points on four shots will do nicely. I am getting more and more excited to have him back.
  7. Why did the Hawks sign Randolph Morris to a two year contract again?

Game thread comment of the game goes to Duff Man with "Randolph Morris: Nique just said he is one of the funniest guys he knows. That’s like saying a corpse is the sexiest person you know."

It was a big crowd at Phillips last night, a big crowd of people I assume bought tickets to see someone other than Thomas Gardner. Still, most of the them showed up and most of those people were not Heat fans. If Phillips was loud last year with Boston fans infecting the arena every which way, this series could be even better. And I, for one, am looking forward to it.

Go Hawks!