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Some quick, initial thoughts on the Heat series

  1. If the Hawks think for one second that Dwayne Wade cannot beat them by himself, they are going to lose this series at worst and go to seven games at best.
  2. More than ever, Josh Smith needs to play under control and patient. He is better, more experienced, and a far greater athlete than Beasley. I think Josh Smith decides how easy/difficulut this series is for the Hawks. 
  3. Miami and Atlanta: hello nightlife. If this was an NBA finals match ups the parties would be unreal.
  4. Jermaine O'Neil might have some real advantages over Al Horford. One of them he does not have is Horford's ability to run the floor. No need to quicken the pace overall because I think that plays into the hands of Miami, but I think the Haws need to consciously push the pace to get some easy baskets for Al.
  5. In his blog today, Sekou Smith says "You're worried about playing the refs too, huh? Get over it. Wade is going to get his share of calls. The superstars always do. But that hasn't ever stopped the better team from handling its business." The Dallas Mavericks would beg to differ. So would Bryan Russel for that matter.
  6. I don't much like Woodson, but I am not overwelmed by Erik Spoelstra either.
  7. Joe Johnson and Dwayne Wade going at each other is going to be great. And don't think for a second Joe is anything but excited.
  8. For some reason, Daequan Cook scares me a lot.
  9. Considering this Hawks team has never been in a playoff situation where they are suppose to win, I am excited the national media is going to, by and large, pick the Heat to upset us.

Go Hawks!