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Atlanta Hawks 122, Indiana Pacers 118 or a victory a decade in the making.

Box Score


How excited am I that the Hawks wrapped up the fourth seed? I am watching a now meaningless game on a beautiful Saturday with the Masters currently on in the other room. Ok maybe that is more pathetic than excited, but a decade is a long time to go without home court.

Due to the late recap, I am going to stick with victory bullets.

Aforementioned victory bullets (or 24 hour late live blog)

  • Al Horford running the floor might be one the Hawks biggest advantages.
  • Josh is either awesomely in control or not. during thi shot streak, his out of control shots are even going in.
  • All those first quarter fouls were because the hawks were horribly beaten. I think I would rather see phantom fouls.
  • Zaza fading away on his jumper should be illegal. Like on the books arrestable, at the very least he should have to do community service.
  • Marvin looks good. Or at least quick. Good to have him back.
  • Solo is not good at defense. Or at offense. At least he knows how to punch Zaza in the face.
  • That dunk on Mario was nasty. but how many guys would risk embarrassment and challenge that shot. That is why I like Mario. No shame.
  • For a while the Hawks left Granger open for threes like he was Mario West. For the record, Danny is actually a much better shooter than Mario. 
  • Is it me or as Josh has made the outside shot more regularly, he has gotten worse as a dunker?
  • Hawks fans apparently don't like Jeff Foster. I heard them berating him. Mean spirited hate, and I liked it.
  • Did josh smith argue his way into an "and one" in the second quarter?
  • Al Horford always dunks with two hands. Always. It makes me like him all the more.
  • That crossover on Granger by Joe to start the third made me cry. When do the playoffs start again?
  • Horford is only dunking. He is anti anything but dunk. He is striking against all things not dunk related.
  • Josh Smith needs to join Al on his strike.
  • Josh Smith argues calls even when they are not against him and they are the right call. How did he get that "and one" again?
  • Nothing like a block party to take over a game. My apologies to you Solo!
  • Did the Hawks fourth quarter offense consists solely of alley hoops?
  • No four point plays in the playoffs. Deal? Deal. 

Game thread comment of the game from Buzzsaw, "Foster is a complete hack."

To recap, offense continue. Defense, return. Done and done.

Did I mention our team has home court?

Go Hawks!