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A disagreement of hope?

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USA Today has a story on Al Horford where two quotes really stuck out to me.

"In the long haul," Woodson says, "his future is at power forward. But right now in the East, you can get away with it. There just aren't too many dominant centers."


"I think he's a center," Sund says. "If he's out on the perimeter chasing guys like Dirk Nowitzki and Rashard Lewis and Carlos Boozer, you're taking away from his strength."

If these two differ on Horford, what else could they differ on?

I am hoping it's coaching.

If Sund is worried about taking away Horford's strengths by guarding Carlos Boozer, he must be breaking things in his new Atlanta home when he sees Al switch onto the likes of Tony Parker and Louis Williams.

(ht Micah for the link).