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Atlanta Hawks 109, Minnesota Timberwolves 97 or where hot Flip happens


Thanks for asking that question James, and no, I can't think of anyone who does not not like hot Flip.


Box Score


Most people would say one would be hard pressed to take anything meaningful from last night's game other than the fact that the Hawks magic number to make the playoffs is down to one. Those people of course would be wrong.

Last night's takeaway? Hot Flip cannot be stopped. And no, you cannot point to the borderline zero effort defense put forth by the T-wolves. Because Flip took the same extremely advantageous post up jump shot over a smaller defender in the second quarter that he takes almost every night he gets that match up, and he hit is with the same success and ease. And the fourth quarter, it was not bad defense that allowed Flip to go buck nutty but in fact, just his uncanny ability to take and make questionable three point shots. Of course, when hot Flip is in the house, those shots stop being questionable after a while and you I just start screaming "I want more hot Flip" to the great confusion of everyone else in my house.

The dude also had five Flip!

Extended victory bullets

  • How mesmerizing is hot Flip? I hardly noticed Mike Bibby's 20 points (on 9-13 shooting), 9 assist, 5 rebound night.
  • And i only noticed Al Horford's 12 and 13 (in 26 minutes) because I am obsessed with him. Mike Woodson, so focused on Flip probably, did not even recognize Horford finished with five fouls. To think the stress that would have brought our coach. 
  • Oh yea, one other thing I can take away from the game. Solomon Jones is not good.
  • When Mo Evans finished the game, you may have asked, "he played?" But the good sir started the team off right with two big threes in the first.
  • Kevin Love only had 6 rebounds. That is good work by the bigs.
  • Zaza Pachulia attempts to mock the traveling violation every time he touches the ball.
  • I can't decide whether to be impressed with Josh Smith's efficient (if small) offensive night or upset at his lack of aggressiveness (seen most prominently in his one rebound). Considering that the Hawks out rebounded the T-wolves by 7 I am going to lean toward the former. 
  • Everyone played 36 minutes or under. I doubted you Woodrow, but you did not run Joe into the ground. Good work.
  • I know there are stats and shot selection charts to prove why this is the case, but Joe Johnson does not get any foul calls. Kevin Martin would have shot 36 free throws on Joe's drives last night.
  • The T-wolves finished with 20 points from the line. Out doing the point production of each of their first two quarters.
  • Outside of the random 9 defensive rebounds that came to Mike Miller in the first half, it is safe to say he was not into trying last night. This culminated when Josh Smith hurt his feelings on a vicious block near the end of the first half.
  • Zaza had ten freaking rebounds and went 3 of 4 from the field. If he did not have a vendetta against the traveling violation, Zaza would be our most efficient player.
  • If you told me at the beginning of the season that Mario West would receive extended minutes in the first half of a game the Hawks would go on to dominate, I would have called you a liar and demanded some hot Flip. 
  • “Play time is over,” Joe Johnson.

Comment of the game thread from Duff Man, "Right now hot Flip is personall responsible for global warming."

Runner up from Acie4Mvp for its Chris Farley show like quality, "one time, i drove home from a Hawks game and [hot flip] was driving next to me."

Go Hawks!