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Preview and Game Thread #60: Atlanta Hawks @ Washington Wizards

Atlanta Hawks 08-09 Game #60



Verizon Center
March 2, 2009, 7:00 PM
ESPN!, Hawks Radio NetworkNBA Audio League Pass
Probable starters:
Mike Bibby PG Mike James
Joe Johnson SG Caron Butler
Marvin Williams SF Dominic McGuire
Josh Smith PF Antawn Jamison
Al Horford C Darius Songaila


Hawks Injury Report: One day I will find time to write 4,000 words on all that is amazing about this Craig Claxton situation. Whether he is available or not, I do not know, but I can assure you he will not play. My friend did not get any urinal confidential from Mike Bibby's brother last night as he did Friday so I am simply living on hope that the flu from hell has gone back home to its three headed dog.

Wizards Injury Report: Gilbert Arenas, Brendan Haywood, DeShawn Stevenson, and Etan Thomas. Also, if wizards flu is anything like hawks flu, don't expect to see Javaris Crittenton. And if he does play, I think there should be a protest by the Hawks for endangering the team.

Blogging With the Enemy: Bullets Forever

Predicted bane of the Hawks existence: Caron Butler. Is it boring? Yes. Will it be correct? Probably, also, yes

New blog development: Blatantly stealing from Bullets Forever, I am instituting a new feature here at Peachtree Hoops. The Game Thread Comment of the Game! Some of you may be saying, "Hawksdawgs, don't you often post 53 comments out of a total of 58?," and I would answer your question with another question by saying "looks like I am going to win a lot of these then huh?" ok kind of a weak question. Best of luck.

Game Preview:

Let's see...The Hawks:

  1. Come off a deflating, much hyped last second loss.
  2. Probably were delayed getting out of Atlanta.
  3. Believe they can beat the Wizards with their B- game. 
  4. Have Mike Woodson giving the pregame talk.

Oh how I do love finding reasons to buy that emergency six pack. 

With this in mind, I am going to go all Dominique "Above the rim" on you for the keys to the game:

  • Effort.
  • Rebounding.

And there you go. Basically the Hawks need to play like the flu from  hell is chasing them and they should finish with an easy win.

See you in the contest comments in the first half and as I go up against the Bachelor finale, more sporadically in the second while I fight my fiance over control of the remote.

Go Hawks!