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Cleveland 88 Atlanta 87 or where LeBron shows me he is easy to hate



Box Score


Let this be lesson to you Hawks. Really good defense does not beat really good teams on its own. You have to finish. That means last second shots and free ones at the line. It means lay ups and open 12 footers. If the Hawks played this game tomorrow, they win by 14 against the Wizards, but against LeBron you have to make those two shots you usually miss because LeBron is two shots better than you on your best day. It is a shame that the Hawks came up one point short, but you have to be pleased with an open jumper by Joe Johnson with a chance to win, and sad that LeBron was able to remain at least one shot better. 

That is not to say my voice is in good shape. None of those refs like me. In fact, Mr. Tony Brothers and I had a little conversation. It was more me talking and him staring but no doubt messages were delivered.  It is not to say the Hawks didn't get their calls. I am sure they did. It is just the Hawks were not the beneficiaries of any egregious ones. I love LeBron. I really do. Which is why I hope the Hawks never play the Cavs in the playoffs because he will be one easy man to hate. He checks for blood after every drive. Including ones where only Varejao fouls him.

I loved the extended minutes from Zaza. The two offensive fouls on illegal screens were a bit much since the one I had a good look at was basically a hockey move if hockey had no rules, but he neutralized Big Z to a large extent and brought down some big offensive boards and translated that into offense. He was a true shrimp boat captain out there. That said I thought Josh Smith should have subbed back in and if that was not going to happen, the answer was not Bibby  with 40 seconds to go.


Small side rant. Bibby! 40 seconds to go! After spending most of the fourth quarter doing nothing but infecting good season ticket holders with the flu from hell!?! Bibby!? Woodson.....


A few other notes:

  • Marvin had a man's game, and that is all there is to that.
  • Joe wanted to show he was an all star and I thought he was going to and then he did not. And there is nothing but sadness surrounding these facts.
  • I will continue to contend that the Hawks are a good match up against the Cavs and that the team can run against them.
  • When is Mike Bibby going to get over the death flu? 
  • LeBron appears to be the only Cav that can guard Joe Johnson with any effectiveness. Come playoff time, that is a good thing if you are a Hawks fan.
  • Josh Smith: sort of there, sort of not.
  • The Hawks out rebounded the Cavs. Impressive effort.

Joe, Flip, and Al all missed very makeable shots. That is why you cannot lay this loss on the officials, Woodson, or anyone else. You cannot expect to win against a top three team in the league on your B+ game.

More later....including my attempt to get Knowshon Moreno to cheer louder.


Go Hawks!