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Preview and Game Thread #69: Sacramento Kings @ Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks 08-09 Game #69


@ Atlanta-hawks_medium
Phillips Arena
March 17, 2009, 7:00 PM
Fox Sports South, Hawks Radio NetworkNBA Audio League Pass
Probable starters:
somebody PG Mike Bibby
Kevin Martin SG Joe Johnson
Francisco Garcia SF Mo Evans
Jason Thompson PF Josh Smith
Spencer Hawes C Al Horford


Hawks Injury Report: Marvin Williams and some dude named Craig.

Kings Injury Report: Bobby Jackson

Blogging With the Enemy: One of the granddaddies, Sactown Royalty 

Predicted bane of the Hawks existence: Southern Conference's own Kevin Martin

Game Preview:

I cannot tell you the last I was so confident about a Hawks win as I am tonight. Somehow this is subtly and slowly being manipulated in my head to mean the worst possible thing. 

What is that worst possible thing? Bad defense and 48 minutes of one on one basketball. I hope it will not happen. The Hawks are getting paid millions of dollars in part not to be over confident or over think things. My blogging stipend does not force me into such corners.

Overall though, at this point in the season, with this win streak, the Hawks will win. Right...right? I just hope it is a blow out. And by blow out, I mean Joe Johnson plays less than 40 minutes. Kevin Martin, the NBA's Stephen Curry, can score in bunches but luckily not 80 point bunches so if the Hawks can lock everyone else down, the team should bring home the victory.

One small note, this is a game I could actually see Mario West being the most useful. A chance of flat play and low energy? Bring in the crazy man.

Keys to the game:

  1. Attack the front court on the offensive end. Box  them out on the defensive end.
  2. Don't settle for jump shots.
  3. Starters give 33 minutes of good effort and watch the Sprite Jam cam from the bench. 

Serious work will leave me away from Phillips and in and out of the game thread. Join me for parts or all of the festivities so we can mourn together the absence of Shelden Williams from this game.

Go Hawks!