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Atlanta Hawks 101 Indiana Pacers 87 or where we remember the times.

Team W L W L Best Worst Playoffs Division No. 1 Finals Champs Lottery*
52 13 65 17 69-13 58-24 100.0 100.0 84.1 40.9 27.2 0.0
50 16 62 20 66-16 52-30 100.0 100.0 13.6 35.1 21.9 0.0
48 17 59 23 65-17 51-31 100.0 100.0 2.4 15.9 8.5 0.0
38 28 46 36 53-29 39-43 100.0 0.0 0.0 3.2 1.0 0.0

Box Score


Hey, hey...remember that time the Hawks started out 6-0 and everyone was like this is incredible and hey, hey remember how now the Hawks are on a 4-0 streak and everyone is like "your darn right they are."

And hey you, ya, hey remember when Joe Johnson scored all those points on a bad Hawks team and people said it was only did it because he was on that bad team. Yea, and hey, remember how now he goes for 30 on a playoff team.

Ahh the memories. How I do love memories. Especially the ones that are being made right now. I am tired of saying if Josh Smith does "x" or Joe Johnson is on then the Hawks will be scary in the playoffs. Because maybe the Hawks are just going to be scary in the playoffs period.

But alas do not worry, a Pacers team playing without Danny Granger has not sent me off to the kool aide factory. Problems were prevalent from last nights game.

  1. It is more comical than sad that Woodson would put Mario West in as the 6th man. I really only have a few problems with this. Mainly, everything. The Hawks were not lacking energy. What they needed was scoring. It is just great that Woodson makes a good move against the Jazz and is so surprised by its success he can only think to repeat it immediately. Ahhh you are delight coach, a true delight.
  2. Why did Al not have 25 shots last night? The game plan should have been feed the post, open jumper by joe, feed the post, feed the post.
  3. The old new Josh Smith was back last night. Not the Inspector's best night but to Woody's credit, he only played Josh 26 minutes. It only took four and half years. Sweet.

But in the end, the night produced solid effort and a win the Hawks should expect and done in a way they should want. Joe "freakin" Johnson is a machine right now. I would like to think every time he plays James Posey he just goes on a shooting tear for six or seven games. Call it "the power of Posey" or "you suck James Posey." Either one. Because it was another "oh yea Joe went for 30 and 6 again. that was neat" night.

Finally, is it ironic that the Hawks most combustible piece is nicknamed Smooth and its best player is one of the smoothest players in the league?

Game thread comment of the game: Hot Cup Joe with "if this guy is your first might have a terrible bench."

Go Hawks!