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Preview and Game Thread #66: Utah Jazz @ Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks 08-09 Game #66

@ Atlanta-hawks_medium
Phillips Arena
March 11, 2009, 7:00 PM
Sports South, Hawks Radio NetworkNBA Audio League Pass
Probable starters:
Deron Wiliams PG Mike Bibby
Ronnie Brewer SG Joe Johnson
CJ Miles SF Mo Evans
Carlos Boozer PF Josh Smith
Mehmet Okur C Al Horford


Hawks Injury Report: Marvin Williams is out, and it seems trivial to put next to that, but some dude named Craig is as well.

Jazz Injury Report: Carlos Boozer has a sprained ankle but played last night so I am going out on a limb and saying he suits up tonight.

Blogging With the Enemy: True Blue Jazz, SLC Dunk

Predicted bane of the Hawks existence: Going random with Ronnie Brewer. 

Game Preview:

The good news is I can guarantee the Jazz will not win every single game the rest of the season. The bad news is the Jazz apparently have yet to get that memo.

Other good news? The Hawks snapped the Hornets 7 game win streak on Monday, broke up the Cavs 11 game win streak in December, and tried there darndest to ruin Boston's long love fest with winning as well. Take down the Jazz's 12 gamer and you can officially call these Hawks streak killers.

Other bad news? The Hawks have not really shown an ability to stop for an entire game an offense that executes at the high level the Jazz do. One could look at the (shall we call it dominating?) performance of the Jazz in Salt Lake City the last time these two teams met if they want an example. The likelihood of athleting the Jazz out of the offensive game plan is unlikely which means to win is going to require 48 minutes of defensive focus.

I am not even sure if the old Josh Smith knows how to do that.

Still, the Hawks are not the ones coming off the back to back, and the Hawks are not the ones playing on the road. And the Hawks are not a bad team. So a win is highly possible, but it certainly would classify as a heck of a good one if they pull it off.

Keys to the game

  1. One Hawk get hot from outside. I am looking at you Mike Bibby.
  2. Horford and Josh attack Okur and Boozer on the offensive end.
  3. Contest easy looks. Last time out the Jazz probably could have won the game if you only counted their dunks and layups.
  4. Feed off the crowd. Or put another way, crowd be loud. The Jazz are good all the time, but they are better at home.

I sadly will not see this game in person, but that means I can see you in the game thread starting in the second half. Matt Harpring hate, Al Horford love, and Acie Law sightings are all welcome in the comment thread.

Go Hawks!