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H-O-R-S-E in the All-star game

The childhood game that caused me mass humilation on more than one occasion is coming to All-star weekend.

Great idea. And Hardwood Paroxysm has its four player dream lineup that happens to include Joe Johnson. I would not mind seeing Joe because I like him, but I have to disagree that he is even the best Hawk.

Joe is a gamer. He is a self proclaimed gym rat. He is a hand in his face scorer. The toughness of his shots are directly related to the defence being played on him. He is not a circus shot man.

Flip Murray, on the other hand, Flip appears to be playing a game of horse by himself everytime he steps on the court. He probably has six half court shots just this year.

Not only that he just looks like a guy that gambles. Not classy high rolling gambling in the backroom like Charles Barkley. But i bet I can bounce the ball higher than you outside the arena type of gambling.

I don't think I am jumping the gun when I say Flip would not only be excited about HORSE he would bring his own money to physically throw on the court and that money would be in the tens of thousands. And all of it would make me proud to be a Hawks fan.

So here is to Flip, Peachtree Hoops' choice for Horse participant 2009.