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Denver Nuggets 110 Atlanta Hawks 109 or where my spirit is crushed but my soul is inspired

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Maybe I a not as bad a fan as I thought. Certainly that game was hurtful, someone did tweet this moments after the game

Somebody get @peachtreehoops a cold wash cloth, a bottle of grey goose, and take away all of the sharp objects in the room.

Still, amidst my crushed emotions, I was actually, pleasantly calm. The Hawks tried last night, and then they were bullied and the Hawks tried some more. When was the last time that happened? It was refreshing.

Mike Woodson

Woody actually was not horrible last night. To an outsider, that seems an odd thing to have say about a coach. To an insider, that is just a depressing thing to have to say.

His decision to press the Nuggets worked. Although I would contend, the Hawks so obviously made an adjustment because it was so out of the team's norm. In most NBA games, that move is called coaching. For the Hawks, it is a divine act of God.

I also loved Mario West in there. He played two minutes too long, and those two minutes were highly detrimental, but hey Mike, from you, I will take a good move turned bad any day.

The sub rotation was still borderline horrible. After blazing hot 1st quarters, Marvin go the Horford treatment with two fouls and Horford just did not play. I assume Woody forgot he was on the team.  Zaza only received 22 minutes. Neither My memory nor his stat line can find a good reason for that. But when Woody finally realized in the fourth quarter that Marvin had the hot hand, the coach went back to him and that made me happy. 

So to Mike Woodson, where you did not obviously lose this game for us. Cheers.

Where I gush over Marvin Williams

For the first time I can remember, Marvin looked like a veteran out there. He was impressive. That was a number one option kind of performer. He was cagey, fluid, hit jumpers, and free throws. I am weeping tears of joy as I type this....

The fourth quarter Joe Johnson returns

Sure it took some adjusting on the double team, but Joe deferred to his teammates that were playing well for most of the game, and when he was single covered in the fourth, he will. That was the quietest 26 point 8 assist night you will see. That was the Joe "freakin" Johnson that has been missing.

Predictions gone wrong

So in my keys to the game I said that the Hawks should make Melo a jump shooter. At that time, I was unaware he was going to make all of them. (A quick side note. I love Mario West, but no matter how hard he tries, he cannot guard Anthony. Melo is taller. It's science.)

Also, my long held belief that if Al Horford puts up 12 or more shots the Hawks win. He went 10-17 last night. So I hope you pardon the fact that I still contend this stat is a good thing.

Josh Smith

Josh Smith is one of the Hawks best players. I would never say the Hawks are better without him. But the question has already been raised here this morning so i figure I will throw my thoughts out to exactly no one that is waited with baited breath. 

Last night, Chauncey's 46 free throws were a result, in part, of Josh Smith being out (and maybe a few trigger happy refs). Don't think for a  minute Bibby was going to guard Billups better than Flip. It was just that last night the Hawks had to keep Chauncey in front because no one could protect the rim. Clearly, Billups took this to mean "I will dribble until a ref blows the whistle."

Still, Smith is not playing well. When your power forward sits out and it appears the rebounding effort improves, that is not good. Also, years were saved on my life as the Hawks hit free throw after free throw.Team effort was up. More people were involved in the offense. I do not put all this at the feet of Smith, but some serious questions need to be asked.

Final thoughts

Thank the good Lord this road trip is over.