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SB Nation Partners with Yahoo!

Last night a new partnership began between Yahoo! Sports and SB Nation. Peachtree Hoops will now be linked through most of the Atlanta Hawks pages on Yahoo!

This is obviously an exciting development for all the blogs at SB Nation. The roll out is not complete yet, but you can read the details of the partnership and receive a welcome at Blog Huddle.

You also can see, in part, what this will look like for Peachtree Hoops over at the Hawks team page on Yahoo!

For those that came to Peachtree Hoops with Bret and stuck around with me, thank you. My hope is that this new partnership enhances the community already started here.

For any newcomers finding your way over from Yahoo! welcome. Peachtree Hoops is a blog for Hawks fan by Hawks fans. We welcome your comments, fan posts, recommendations, compliments, and critiques.

We try to keep it civil here...even when we are talking about Mike Woodson.

Again, welcome. Glad you are here.